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    Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon

    Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon

    Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon

    Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon– Gurgaon is Haryana’s second-largest district. It has seen considerable development and building in recent years, particularly in the last five years, and is home to several multinational corporations (MNCs). This increase in demand cannot be satisfied solely by conventional energy sources, so individuals are being pushed to consider alternative energy sources such as Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon.

    Solar Panel Installation in Gurgaon

    Gurgaon currently has a total installed solar power capacity of over 20MW, with rooftop solar accounting for the majority of this. Haryana has a total solar potential of 5GWp, according to the Department of Power and Renewable Energy and the National Academy of Solar power. Haryana has a long road ahead to go to meet its ultimate goal, and Gurgaon will undoubtedly play a key role. However, with hundreds of rooftops ready to be solarized across Gurgaon and Haryana, this potential can quickly become a reality.

    Government Agenda for Solar Panel Installation

    The majority of developed countries began their solar programs on rooftops. India and China were the only two countries that began their programs with large-scale installations. Rooftop solar accounts for more than 40% of worldwide solar power. The Indian government’s National Solar Mission aims to reach 100,000 MW (100 GW) of renewable generation by 2022. Ground-mounted installations will account for 60,000 MW, while rooftop projects will account for 40,000 MW. (Actual achievement: 28 GW, with 3.4 GW from rooftops.)

    Residential rooftop potential is substantially higher than business or commercial rooftop potential. Haryana aims to build 4,144 MW of solar capacity by 2022, including 1,600 MW coming from solar rooftops. (So far, below 150 MW of solar rooftop have been added.) The rooftop potential in Gurugram is enormous. By 2022, the goal might be at least 100 MW. About a year ago, a rooftop installation of about 25 MW was completed. 5 MW (subsidized).

    Why should Gurgaon go for Solar?

    • Gurugram is perfect for solar due to its 320 days of high-intensity sun radiation and the presence of huge structures.
    • Address air pollution: Gurugram was just named the world’s most polluted city by IQ Air Visual and Greenpeace.
    • Over 2,000 MW of DG set installations provide an opportunity to replace toxic and inefficient diesel gensets.
    • Solar energy can lower grid energy demand while reducing the transmission infrastructure requirement.
    • Solar prices are decreasing while grid expenses are rising, making it less expensive than conventional power.
    • The Solar Policy 2016 (replacing the 2014 policy) and the Net Metering Policy (2014, 15) provide a progressive policy framework.
    • Gurugram is the headquarters of the International Solar Alliance, hence it should be a solar city.

    How much does solar panel installation cost in Gurgaon?

    The panel could cost between Rs 30 to Rs 50 per Watt. A transformer, cables, battery packs (in off-grid systems), and other parts make up a typical PV system. PV modules with higher capacities are typically more affordable per Watt than modules with lower capacities.

    Grid-connected PV systems can range in price per kilowatt from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 75,000 depending on the processor and panel type.

    Off-grid solar PV installations cost around Rs 1 million due to the increasing price of batteries.

    Rooftop solar panels cost approximately Rs 55,000 per kilowatt, including installation. The price will increase by Rs 30,000 if you utilize batteries as a backup. There are, however, many benefits that can help you save money.

    With subsidies and accelerated depreciation, a typical solar power system might spend as minimum as Rs 50,000 per kWp. State government legislation dictates the rebate’s amount and eligibility. You should therefore research solar panels before buying one.

    Why choose Urban Solarise to install Solar panels in Gurgaon?

    Through our installed power solutions, we hope to make solar energy accessible to everyone and give millions of Indians access to this sustainable energy source. Many of the largest MNCs, corporations, and institutions in India have chosen to work with us as a dependable partner as we continue down our environmentally friendly route of providing solar rooftop systems and other energy-generating equipment.

    Our dedication to quality in photovoltaic Panels and plant design, research, implementation, and post-installation support is demonstrated by the happy clients we have served. To know more about our services, please keep on reading.

    • We maintain the greatest solar after-sales maintenance and support networks because of our more than 6 years of experience in top quality, and engineering.
    • With straightforward financing alternatives, we adhere to a strict no-compromise safety standard.


    An increasing majority of homeowners who wish to go green are installing solar rooftop systems. Installing solar panels in Gurgaon has become commonplace. Our broad dealer network effectively serves the solar demands of hundreds of Gurgaon residents and companies. At, Urban Solarise provides a variety of solar modules in addition to installing and maintaining them.

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