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    Solar Myths

    Let us shed light on some solar fallacies

    At Urban Solarise, we come across so many people who hold quite a lot of misconceptions regarding solar and that is completely alright. We understand that solar power might now be something that you can very easily adjust with. It requires time and patience. Despite the growing popularity of solar today, people are still confused about this concept and are finding it a mystery. They are not yet clear with the true facts.

    Let us have a look at some things which people believe to be true but aren’t actually true

    TRUTH: Anybody can afford solar power.
    This is quite a widely held misconception that solar is only for the rich. A research conducted has proved this wrong by showing that the majority of homeowners opting for solar power belong to middle class families.
    You just need to fulfil three requirements. 1) Ownership of your home. 2) A sun getting roof 3) A good enough funds. (Not necessarily a fabulous one. Good one is enough).
    Even if you don’t have the required amount of funds, we are there to help you out with the finance options for your system.
    TRUTH: Welcome to Urban Solarise for an easy, hassle-free experience.
    You do not need to worry once you come into contact with us. We are there to take care of the system design, permitting, available government rebates, construction and connection to your local utility power grid.
    You just need to say yes to us and sit back and see how your shelter providing roof turns into a power packed machine. Enjoy this way of generating power and see the magic unfolding.
    TRUTH: Every place receives sufficient sunshine
    Every state in India receives plenty of sunshine. A sunny roof is required to avail the benefit of solar. A little bit shade won’t do bad.
    TRUTH: Waiting to go solar could cost you more. You might have to shell out more in future.
    The good part about going solar is that you can make use of subsidies offered by Indian Government and many state government .
    These subsidies are often limited and are decreasing with time. So if you plan to wait and get solar installed in near future then you risk yourself of losing incentives that make solar an affordable option.
    And of course, one more thing, the sooner you get solar installed, the sooner you reap in the benefits of reduced or even no electricity bill.
    TRUTH: The maintenance task is quite simple.
    At Urban Solarise, our aim is to help you get the best out of your solar home. We give performance guarantee stating that the installed system will generate the required amount of power as promised previously. If this does not happen, we will pay you the difference.
    Solar systems do not break down easily and require negligible maintenance. Urban Solarise inspects your system closely to make sure that your system is generating maximum power. In case of something happening, we will come to know about it before you do!
    TRUTH: Not just for environmentalists, solar is for all those wanting to economise on their power bill and reduce their carbon footprint.
    Who said that solar is just for eco-friendly people? It is for all those who want to save on their money and protect the environment as well.
    This is one of the specialities of Urban Solarise. We help you save money every month for years to come along with a clean footprint.
    TRUTH: It increases home value.
    Solar power can lead to an appreciation in the value of your home. This will lead to a high resale price and reduce the time lag of your home on the market. This is because the new buyer of your house will be able to take advantage of the solar system installed in your house. They will be able to save money soon after moving in.
    TRUTH: Solar pays dividends every single month.
    Solar power pays you dividends every month .In fact; you will reap in more profits when you choose to own a solar system. Financial markets won’t give you guarantee performance. Urban Solarise will give you that.
    The whole concept is the sun. None can beat the sun. Solar power from the sun means more money.

    Any more doubts left regarding solar? Any question still disturbing you?

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