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    Agribusiness – Success Stories

    People have contacted us and benefitted a lot. Look below at the success stories.

    We take pride in saying that Urban Solarise has made its mark in not only the residential and commercial sector but also the agricultural sector. We are saying this not because we believe in us but because people believe in us. Given below are some success stories in which people involved in agribusiness will share their experiences of working with us and tell you why you should try using our services to witness the best agricultural growth and returns in the sector.

    I am a resident of Bihar and I was reeling under severe losses in my agribusiness mainly because of the huge costs of powering all those electrical appliances with electricity. Electricity prices as we all know are very volatile. They keep fluctuating every now and then and then one day took a sudden upsurge. I had to pay a huge amount of electricity bill.I was very much worried.A relative of mine recommended Urban Solarise. I used their services and to my surprise, all those huge electricity bills were eliminated within a span of few weeks. I was more than happy.My business started prospering once again.Thank you so much, Urban Solarise!!



    I had started a small wheat agribusiness in Patiala some months back.That region is located in a place where it is difficult to get access to a power line.In such situations we did not know what to do as how could agriculture be carried on without the basic element and that was water. We were literally stuck and could not decide how to come out of that situation. I had already heard about solar power but did not know that it can even take care of the water-pumping issue. People at Urban Solarise installed solar power in my farms and the result was that the whole problem related to water was solved. This system does not require any special care. Most importantly it came to us like an angel. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart Urban Solarise.