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    On Grid Solar System

    Utility-Interactive Solar (PV) System

    Wanting to get rid of those huge power bills? Thinking to go solar? Welcome to Urban Solarise. We are a leading solar power company which can assist you in promoting a cleaner and greener environment and reducing your electricity bill by installing a grid-connected solar power system at your premises. These systems have been designed by a team of expert engineers who use quality products that last long.

    The solar power system has a Grid Connect Photovoltaics system which has solar panels attached to it on the roof or ground. These generate pollution-free energy. You can use the power generated to meet the needs of your premises and then any extra power is sent back to the power grid.

    This is very commonly seen type of solar system, On Grid Solar Power System work without batteries. These are the most inexpensive ones as well as the easiest to design as well as install. They have very few components and are quite simple to use. This makes them very popular.

    Now the point, however, arises that without a battery, owners of solar power will not able to able to store any excess power.

    Any excess power that is produced is sent to the grid and when you need power then you draw on the power from the grid without the use for a battery. Here, net metering can serve useful in which the owner of solar system can get a reduced bill for any export power to the grid and importing power from the grid when there is not enough solar power.

    Sometimes, it might happen that the grid power may go out as well. In such a scenario, people using On Grid solar system will lose power. Even the inverters will get disconnected from the utility grid when power goes out to ensure safety.

    Pros of On Grid Solar Power Systems:

    • It is the most inexpensive solar power system.
    • Installation process is very easy
    • Financial incentives like net metering can be made use of.
    • Utility grid is used as a backup when solar power is less.

    Cons of On Grid Solar Power Systems:

    • You are dependent on grid power. Once it is gone, even the solar power system goes out irrespective of whether the sun is shining or not.
    • Utility fees can be imposed on them.

    Additional Considerations for Solar Power Systems

    The type of the solar power system you install in your place is definitely the most important decision but apart from that you also need to consider some other things which include:

    • Size of solar power system: The size of the solar power system you choose to install in your place will depend, firstly, on your power requirements and, secondly, on whether you are planning for a battery or not or whether you plan to generate your electricity independently. The way you use power and how much is the output from the sun affects the size of the system.
    • Placement of solar panels: Generally, solar panels are placed on the roofs but under certain circumstances they may be placed on ground mounted posts. This can happen when the roof is quite old, it is inclined at an unusual angle, there is not sufficient sunlight.
    • Fixed or sun tracking arrays: There are two kinds of arrays-fixed and sun tracking. The common ones are the fixed arrays which are inexpensive as well as easy to design as well as install. Sun tracking arrays are installed in order to get more power from the sun. A sun tracking array can help in moving the solar panels to the desired angle for obtaining maximum solar power.
    • Solar panel material: Solar panels are available in a variety of materials like crystalline silicon, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Solar installers can guide you on the perfect material for your solar power.
    • Solar power system financing: Some solar power owners can easily purchase a solar power system but others need help with financing. Loans are also available. A great option would be leasing which offers the benefits of savings and financial incentives of solar power by ignoring the upfront cost.

    Stuck between the different alternatives? Not able to decide what’s right for you? Contact Urban Solarise and get solution to your query.