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    Hybrid Solar System

    Grid-Tied Solar (PV) With Extra Battery Storage

    Today, using power generated by the conventional method is exerting a huge financial pressure on people due to which they are looking for an alternative. This trend is growing at a fast pace. Hybrid solar systems are the alternative which people are finding very safe and convenient to use. With the help of these, you can be your own power creator thereby saving on your precious money.

    Using the power of the sun is a great idea but sun can only provide power during day time. Once it sets, you have no option but to resort to buying energy from the grid. You can make use of a Hybrid Grid System and store the extra power for using it at night. Once you do this, you can not only reduce but even eliminate your power bill.

    These are not as common as grid tied solar power system without batteries. These systems are more expensive than the above-mentioned ones and are also difficult to install. Utility companies do not easily install this system.
    A grid tied solar power system that works with batteries makes use of a battery as well as the grid as a backup. The method by which it works is that any excess power generated is stored in the battery and then the remaining power is sent to the grid once the battery gets fully charged.

    Sometimes, it might also happen that the power on the grid goes out. In this situation, the solar power system will switch to an off grid mode and the solar power that is being generated by the solar panels is used, along with the power that is stored in the battery as a form of backup. This proves very helpful in case of an emergency.

    A hybrid solar power system can prove quite beneficial in the sense that it can store all the extra solar power, shield against power blackouts, give a good return on your solar investment as well as safeguard you against any hike in power prices.

    Pros of Hybrid Solar Power Systems:

    • It is less expensive than completely off grid system.
    • Since both battery and grid are offered as backup, a more genuine power is ensured.
    • Home owners can use their own power during a power outage.
    • Solar power financial incentives can be provided.

    Cons of Hybrid Solar Power Systems:

    • It is not easy to install like a one without a battery.
    • Solar power and battery backups may not prove enough. Grid power may still be required.
    • Some financial incentives may not be applicable.
    • Utility fees may have to be paid for solar power.
    • Difficulty with utilities may be experienced by homeowners during installation.

    Additional Considerations for Solar Power Systems

    The type of the solar power system you install in your house is definitely the most important decision but apart from that you also need to consider some other things which include:

    • Size of solar power system: The size of the solar power system you choose to install in your house will depend, firstly, on your power requirements and, secondly, on whether you are planning for a battery or not or whether you plan to generate your electricity independently. The way you use power and how much is the output from the sun affects the size of the system.
    • Placement of solar panels: Generally, solar panels are placed on the roofs of houses but under certain circumstances they may be placed on ground mounted posts. This can happen when the roof is quite old, it is inclined at an unusual angle, there is not sufficient sunlight.
    • Fixed or sun tracking arrays: There are two kinds of arrays-fixed and sun tracking. The common ones are the fixed arrays which are inexpensive as well as easy to design as well as install. Sun tracking arrays are installed in order to get more power from the sun. A sun tracking array can help in moving the solar panels to the desired angle for obtaining maximum solar power.
    • Solar panel material: Solar panels are available in a variety of materials like crystalline silicon, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Solar installers can guide you on the perfect material for your solar power.
    • Solar power system financing: Some solar power home owners can easily purchase a solar power system but others need help with financing. Loans are also available. A great option would be leasing which offers the benefits of savings and financial incentives of solar power by ignoring the upfront cost.

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