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    How to purchase

    For people who want to purchase or lease a solar power system,we have the perfect option for you. You can even take help of finance or loan options.

    Choose the best

    We know that it that the money with you is hard earned money that is why you should have the freedom to choose any solar plan out of the three.All of them have different rates and payment system. It is you who will choose when and how to save.The rest will be taken care of by us.

    Afford solar power easily

    Urban Solarise will prove that solar option is very affordable. The team at Urban Solarise works in close connection with you to determine the solar power system that would suit you best in accordance with the location of your house and your power consumption and requirements.

    Choosing the best solar plan

    There are various ways of paying for solar power but there is nothing best as such. You can choose the best in accordance with your needs and interest along with the benefits it offers.

    All the options have two things in common-offering electricity savings and reduced carbon footprint.

    Let us have a look at the options. After going through them, you will be able to decide what suits you best in accordance with your budget and your financial goals. One thing to be noted is that owning a solar power system offers huge benefits. If you need a free,fully customized quote for your home,you can contact us. There is no need of commitment.

    Buying Solar

    Start your monthly savings with the immediate installation of solar panels.

    System Owner
    • No need to pay to Urban Solarise
    • Supervision and maintenance are included
    • Warranty of product and power
    • Upfront cost, keep Rebates and incentives*

    Loan for Solar

    You can pay for the panels in the form of monthly instalments

    System Owner
    • Less monthly payment to the financing partner
    • Maintenance and supervision included
    • Warranty of product and power
    • Very little or no upfront costs, keep Rebates and incentives*

    *Depends on local government agency policy

    Lease Solar

    You can easily lease solar panels for no cost and get enough production.

    System Owner
    Urban Solarise
    • Less monthly payment to Urban Solarise
    • Maintenance and monitoring are done
    • There is warranty of product and power
    • No upfront cost.You can save 10-30% on your utility rate

    Talking about the cost, 70% of the project cost (check, NEFT/RTGS or credit card) is collected by us. 20% is collected when the system gets installed completely and the remaining 10% is collected while handling over. Solar system installed on all cash gives return for around 6-8 years on an average. This, however, depends on the system size.

    Make the right investment and save for years to come Go solar