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    We are your solar experts. Contact us today for any kind of solar query.

    Our expert team is there to make the miracle of solar power come true for you. We work with a full-fledged team of sales representatives, project leads, system designers, electricians, installers, and customer support representatives who examine each and every step of the project in detail to give you a comfortable and easy-going solar experience. You can be rest assured that there is a professional team to take care of your home. What will you do? You will just sit back and relax and enjoy the rays of sun.

    Let us have a brief introduction with our solar team!

    Solar Installation Company in India

    Solar Advisor

    You will meet our solar advisor on filling the Free Solar Consultation form on our website or on calling on the number 783-777-6527. He would guide you on the suitability of solar for your home and would evaluate solar potential for your premises using our advanced 3D aerial imagery technology. and will discuss your current electricity bill.

    If your premises are perfect for solar, your Solar Adviser will consult the System Designer and request him for a system design. After that, he would schedule your appointment with your Solar Consultant.

    System Designer

    Next comes the System Designer whose task is to design your solar power system. For this, he uses the latest technology to measure the amount of sunlight received by your home and then custom-designs a solar system tailored specially for your needs.
    His aim is to maximize your solar potential based on a number of factors like your current electricity usage, utility price, and the available roof space. We guarantee a 20-years guarantee for your system which is accompanied by an ultra-modern production estimate. Your system design is ready. Now let’s meet your Solar Consultant.

    Solar Panel Installation Company
    Home Solar Company

    Solar Consultant

    Your solar consultant will start preparing a custom proposal for you on receiving the system design from your System Designer. The custom proposal will include incentives, solar payback, power savings, payment options, warranties/guarantees, and much more.

    Your Solar Consultant will visit your home as per your convenience in order to review your system design and proposal. You can inquire anything about the solar power project from him. They are a local expert and your resource to answer any questions you have. What next now? A green signal to the project? Great! Let’s get the project started with your Project Lead.

    Project Manager

    Once you are done with the contract signing, your project is assigned to a Project Lead from our Solar Operations team. This person is the main source for solar installation. You will have a meeting with him or her to review the project.

    He or she will handle everything right from permitting and inspections to interconnection and scheduling. Congratulations. Your solar is in the best hands. Now it’s time we get started. Are you excited?

    Solar Installation Company in India
    Solar Installation Company in India

    Installation and Electrical Teams

    The last team of people you need to know is the team of installers and electricians who will visit your house on the final day of installation. There will be a Lead Installer and Lead Electrician on site to ensure efficient and safe installation of your project along with smooth running. We pride ourselves in an immaculate work spirit.

    Customer Adviser

    Installation of solar power is not enough. Now comes the role of our Customer Care team. We are there for you not just till the installation process but forever. We aim to build a friendly relationship with our customers for decades. Our customer care team aims to give you the best. We also aim to make sure that no issues arise with your system. Welcome to the Urban Solarise family! Looking forward for a long-lasting relationship. Enjoy the sunshine!

    Customer Service

    Just dial our number to know about solar power suitability for your home.