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    Solar Applications

    Solar power is useful and finds use in various applications.

    A lot of technical innovations are being witnessed today in the field of agriculture. Equipment like farm machinery, farm buildings, and production facilities are seeing a lot of changes. Solar energy is that instrument which can fulfill the energy needs of this field Let us have a look at solar energy application in agriculture.

    Crop and Grain Drying

    It is a very commonly known fact that the sun is used to dry crops and grain in agriculture. This is quite a simple and very cost-effective ,method. The crops or grain are left to dry naturally in the field after harvesting. However, a major drawback of this method is that these crops and grain may be damaged by natural elements like rain and wind and by rodents and birds. Solar power provides an effective solution in the form of sophisticated solar dryers which offer the benefit of protection against losses along with ensuring faster drying and better quality products. These solar dryers can be made easily out of simple materials at a very nominal cost and then can be used for drying vegetables and fruit for home use.

    Solar Installation Company in India
    Solar Installation Company in India

    Space and Water Heating

    Livestock and dairy operations are often seen to be requiring huge air and water heating requirements. In modern poultry farms, animals are kept in enclosed buildings where temperatures as well as air quality need to be kept under check so as to ensure the best growth and health of the animals. The air which is trapped indoors needs to be removed at regular intervals so as to remove moisture, toxic gases, odours, and dust. When this air needs to be heated, it requires a large amount of energy which can be provided by solar heaters. These can be installed in the buildings to heat the incoming fresh air. These systems can also be used to increase natural ventilation levels during summers.

    Large amount of energy is needed in Commercial dairy farms to heat water and to clean equipment along with warming and stimulating cows’ udders. The process of heating water and cooling milk can utilise 40% of the dairy farm energy.

    Greenhouse Heating

    Another important application of solar energy in agricultural sector is greenhouse heating. Although commercial greenhouses rely on the sun to fulfill their lighting needs, they are not designed to use the sun for heating. They use gas or oil heaters to regulate the temperatures which are needed to grow plants in the colder months. A major benefit of Solar greenhouses is that they can be used for both heating and lighting. A solar greenhouse makes use of thermal mass to collect and store solar heat energy for use during the day and insulation to retain this heat for use during the night or on cloudy days. Thus a solar greenhouse reduces the dependence on fossil fuels for heating. A gas or oil heater may be used as a back-up heater.

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    Remote Electricity Supply

    Solar electric systems have the potential to convert sunlight directly to electricity. They can be used to provide power to an electrical appliance directly, or store solar energy in a battery. These systems are quite inexpensive and can be use in applications such as electrical fencing, lighting, and water pumping.

    Water Pumping

    In those places where there is no power line, Photo voltaic (PV) water pumping systems is the most cost-effective water pumping option. The benefit of using them is that they are very reliable and do not require any extra care. Their size and cost depends on the local solar resource, the pumping depth, water demand along with system purchase and installation costs. These systems are a boon for remote livestock water supply, pond aeration, and small irrigation systems.

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    What do you feel? Is your farm eligible for solar? If yes then now is the perfect time to go solar as solar is the most affordable now.

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