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    Off Grid Solar System

    Standalone Solar (PV) System

    Looking for a solar power system that can provide you clean and green energy for several years? Go for an off grid solar power system. At Urban solarise, we can design and install a system that will free you of the electricity grid and ensure that you enjoy the benefits of clean and green power.

    Also known by the names of Stand Alone Power Systems or Remote Area Power Systems, an Off Grid Solar Power System has been built for places which are committed to using clean power and which cannot connect to the state electricity grid. Even those places which choose not to connect to the state electricity grid can opt for an off grid solar power system.

    Off grid Solar Power Systems are the ones which are seen quite rarely. They are only seen in deep rural areas or remote areas where it becomes difficult for utility companies to provide services. Using off grid solar power system, you are dependent on no one with respect to your solar power generation. You can meet 100% of your energy needs with the battery system. All you have to do is plan your power usage carefully.

    A special feature of an off grid system is that it generates as well as stores its own energy. However, you need to be careful with regard to your power consumption. You need to make sure that you plan and monitor your power usage and make sure that the power generation does not fall short of your requirements.

    There are no issues of emergencies and blackouts in an off grid system as it does not encounter grid power outages. On the other hand, off grid systems cannot rely on grid as a backup in case solar power generated is inadequate to meet the needs of the homeowners.

    You will very rarely see an off grid solar power system in a metropolitan area or a suburban area. It is only found in a remote rural area. This is due to the reason that it costs a lot to get power brought in by the utility service.

    Off grid solar power system homeowners cannot avail the benefits of financial incentives available to solar power.Net metering and some rebates, tax credits along with some other incentives will not be available to them. You will need to have a grid tied solar power system in order to benefit from the financial incentives.

    Why Solar for an off-grid system?

    It’s not easy to work with an Off Grid Solar Power System. The right skills are required for it. The reason for this is that you are solely dependent on the sun for powering your house. Hence you require the services of someone whom you can trust and who has the right experience and skills. At Urban solarise, we design and install state-of-the-art off-grid solar power systems along with a consistent incorporation of solar power systems, batteries and generators.

    Off Grid Solar Power Systems Design and Installation

    We design every off-grid solar power system independently for your building and the electricity consumption.You need to contact us for technical advice by our expert team and then we will start working with you in accordance with your needs, today. In order to design the best solar power system for your needs, a load energy audit is conducted by us which aims at measuring the future electricity requirements at your property.

    Pros of Off Grid Solar Power Systems:

    • You can generate your own energy.
    • Power outages will not be a concern.
    • You can meet all your energy requirements if you plan carefully.
    • The cost of paying utilities can be avoided by remote homes.

    Cons of Off Grid Solar Power Systems:

    • These are more expensive than grid tied solar power systems.
    • Installation process is quite difficult as compared to grid systems.
    • There is only battery as a backup and no grid to assist in case power goes out.
    • Owners using this solar power system are not eligible for some solar power financial incentives.
    • They do not operate in metropolitan or suburban areas.

    Additional Considerations for Solar Power Systems

    The type of the solar power system you install in your house is definitely the most important decision but apart from that you also need to consider some other things which include:

    • Size of solar power system: The size of the solar power system you choose to install in your house will depend, firstly, on your power requirements and, secondly, on whether you are planning for a battery or not or whether you plan to generate your electricity independently. The way you use power and how much is the output from the sun affects the size of the system.
    • Placement of solar panels: Generally, solar panels are placed on the roofs of houses but under certain circumstances they may be placed on ground mounted posts. This can happen when the roof is quite old, it is inclined at an unusual angle, there is not sufficient sunlight.
    • Fixed or sun tracking arrays: There are two kinds of arrays-fixed and sun tracking. The common ones are the fixed arrays which are inexpensive as well as easy to design as well as install.Sun tracking arrays are installed in order to get more power from the sun. A sun tracking array can help in moving the solar panels to the desired angle for obtaining maximum solar power.
    • Solar panel material: Solar panels are available in a variety of materials like crystalline silicon, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Solar installers can guide you on the perfect material for your solar power.
    • Solar power system financing: Some solar power home owners can easily purchase a solar power system but others need help with financing. Loans are also available. A great option would be leasing which offers the benefits of savings and financial incentives of solar power by ignoring the upfront cost.

    To get the best benefit out of the system you choose,contact Urban Solarise and we will guide you through our best knowledge. Call us today.