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    Any Doubts About Solar? We Are Here To Solve Them

    Any doubts about solar? We are here to solve them

    Being a solar provider, we realize that this whole concept can be a bit confusing for you. No worries however. We are there to educate you on your best and make sure that you fill your pockets with sunshine. Given below are some of the most frequently asked questions which people ask us about our company and everything related to solar.

    The reason why people go solar is the benefits it offers in contrast to the conventional sources of energy. You can have a look at the most popular reasons and decide for yourself why you should go solar.

    Savings on money. Perhaps the biggest advantage of solar power is that you are able to save on your monthly electricity bills. You will have to pay very less in comparison to what you are originally paying. This happens because solar production has the power to nullify what you would have purchased from the utility company. This power is much cheap.

    You become a green owner. Going solar means clean and green energy. This implies green ownership and a reduced carbon footprint.

    Solar power costs much less than the conventional form of generating electricity. You can decide whether you want to pay outright in cash or take up finance options. So don’t waste your time in thinking any more. Go solar now.
    The process of solar power generation is quite simple-There are little silicon cells in the Solar photovoltaic panels which collect solar radiation from the sun and convert this sunshine into an electrical current. Solar panels are all bound together creating an array. Electricity from this array goes to the inverter installed in your place. Here the “Direct Current” or DC from the array is converted into “Alternating Current” or AC. This electricity is used to power all your systems. In case extra power is produced, it is sent to the electricity grid. That’s all!!
    Solar power works on almost any place. The main factor that decides the amount of solar power generated is the amount of sunshine received by the place concerned. The next important factor is the ground space or amount of open roof available. Urban Solarise will make a visit to your place and analyse it properly. It would give a FREE solar evaluation. Our Specialists will inspect your property and decide upon the size of the solar power system best suited for your personal and financial needs.
    To be honest-A big NO. Now is the perfect time to avail the benefits of solar power using generous subsidies & incentives. You should go in for solar power right now with Urban Solarise to avail the benefits of solar panel options. Once you get in touch with us, we will update you on the latest developments in the field of solar power and offer them to you once they become reliable and cost-effective.
    Each solar system is made keeping in mind the requirements. There is no particular size that fits all places. The major factors we take into account while deciding upon the size of the system is the energy needs of the concerned party, ground or roof space and the budget of the party. We frame an accurate custom proposal for you and then you will decide what suits you best.
    There is nothing like best option. There are several options to choose from in accordance with your best.

    Since solar does not have any moving parts, no maintenance as such is required in it. One thing you can do to keep your solar panels is minimising shade and seasonal rainfall is sufficient enough to keep them clean. As far as snow is concerned, you need not to worry since solar panels are an excellent heat absorber which melts it.

    Solar panels are incredibly resilient and durable. At Urban Solarise, we make use of high quality PV panels which are developed by reputed manufacturers who perform thorough testing of the products. Apart from this, we also offer workmanship and performance guarantees. In the rare case of any system part failing, we will recover it free of charge, in the covered time periods.

    We even offer solar AMC packages for solar systems maintenance and monitoring. Through this, our service team keeps an eye on the working of your system to ensure that it works the way it should. In case the output is less than expected, we will let you know and remedy the situation soon. Along with maintenance and monitoring, we also include extended warranty and warranty repairs in our service package. We will repair or replace any broken part free of cost.

    Definitely yes. So much is the longevity of solar that even the systems which prevailed 50 years ago are in operation today. The newly built solar systems are equally reliable and are designed to produce at least 90% of their initial power over a period of 25 years. Solar panels carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 20-25 years and inverters carry a 5-10 years’ warranty. In addition to that, we at Urban Solarise offer a warranty of a minimum of 10 years on installation. Solar systems will last more than the promised warranty. The efficiency of these systems has improved a lot over the last 5 years and their cost has reduced significantly during these years. This makes solar an affordable and safe investment.
    We offer the best-in-class products that are thoroughly tested for the highest standards. We recommend the panels and equipments depending on a case-by-case basis. Our solar panels are inexpensive, easily available and come with the best warranty.
    We take this thing in account when installing the solar power system. Maximum power would be produced when there is direct sunlight and slightly less power would be produced on the days when there are clouds. No power is produced at night. Our solar power system is designed in such a way so as to extract maximum power during the sunny days and use it for days when the weather is cloudy or rainy. The solar system is interconnected to the local utility grid and power is drawn automatically from the grid. No power interruptions are experienced.
    The solar power system shuts down automatically in case of power loss. The law says that any solar power system which does not have a battery backup should shut down until there is power. This acts as a safety precaution and prevents injury or damage from power.
    The basic concept of solar power is the use of sunlight hence no power is produced at night. The servicing utility will supply electricity at night.
    Not at all. We take care of everything including all the approvals, equipments, installation and the paperwork. We make sure that you start saving on your money through our installed solar power system right from the first day of installation. There would be no visible changes in your surroundings except for the reduced power bill.
    It depends on the type of system installed. A residential installation takes about 5-10 days to get started while an agricultural or small commercial installation takes around 4-6 weeks to get started counting from the day of installation. The duration of the project depends on the complexity of the property and the system size. Urban Solarise will take into account the estimated installation time in your custom designed proposal.

    We assign a Project Manager to all our customers who will serve as your contact person all through the project. He will schedule a Kick-Off meeting to commence the project and will look after:

    • Acquiring the approvals
    • Filling subsidy applications
    • Completing structural reviews etc.

    This entire process is quite time consuming and takes 1-2 months. Your Project Manager will make this whole experience very simple and carefree. This makes us different from our competitors.

    Once the approval and paperwork gets over, our installers and electricians will install the system. Local inspectors will come to verify whether the system meets the codes & standards. It is the task of Project Manager to coordinate all necessary inspections after the system installation.

    Once the inspections are done with, we will submit an application for final interconnection approval to your utility company. This can take up to 45 days. Once the utility company gives us the approval, an official from utility company will install the net meter and you will be ready to power up your system!

    Solar system is always connected to the local utility grid. Solar installations are equipped with a special safety technology that automatically shuts down PV systems when power goes out.
    It depends on which system you choose. You can expect immediate payback in case of a no-money-down option. If you purchase your system, the payback period would range from 5 to 9 years and would also depend on various factors like:
    • Clean energy generated by your system. The amount of clean energy that your system produces will depend on the amount of direct sunlight received and the system size.
    • Grid electricity price in your region. Payback period is shorter in cases where the utility rates are higher. More the utility rates, more the savings.
    • Total installation cost. Solar cost depends on the system size. However, this cost can go down through state and local subsidies and grants.
    The amount of energy produced depends on the intensity of sunshine along with the solar cell efficiency, solar panel size and the amount of sunlight falling on the panel. Your Urban Solarise energy consultant will decide with you the amount of energy you are consuming.
    This is a possibility but becomes complicated later on. Inverters and solar panels are designed so that they can be assembled together in manufactured approved configurations. There are an exact number of solar panels that should be configured up to a specific inverter. A mini system comprising solar panels and inverter is needed in order to increase the size of the system. It is advisable to oversize your system so that you do not fall short of electricity in the future.

    Net metering is a solar incentive that accompanies solar power system installation. The whole concept goes like this-when your solar power system gets installed, your utility company also installs a bidirectional meter which is used for measuring the amount of electricity you use from your utility and the amount sent back into the grid. Through this device, you would be able to send back the extra power generated, back into the grid. You will receive the full retail value of that electricity and then after each billing cycle, you will be the generator of the “net” difference in electricity used and sent. If the electricity sent turns out to be greater than the amount used during the single billing cycle, you will earn credit on your next bill.

    A big advantage of net metering is that you can even earn negative electricity bills. It speeds the payback period and boosts the returns on solar investment.

    The voltage of a single panel ranges between 20 and 60 volts. However, when they are wired together, they have an open circuit voltage between 200 and 400 volts.
    Going solar is a big decision and a lifetime decision. Your solar installers would be working with you throughout the project along with fill support once the system gets installed. There is no dearth of options in the market for solar installers but as far as Urban Solarise is concerned, we would just say that we know how to do solar the right way.
    Just fill our form given on our website. One of our solar experts will call you within 48 hours of your request. You can even call us at 999-999-9999.

    Before you contact us for the consultation, we request you to assemble all your electricity bills for the last 1 year. We will able to know the electricity consumption and the amount you paid for it. One of our solar experts will call you within 48 hours of request.

    On the phone call, we will discuss on suitability of solar for you. If solar is perfect for you, one of our system designers will use one among the leading industry-leading processes and technology to design your system. This service is free of cost and we will not force you to go solar. We will also schedule a date for you so that one of our solar consultants comes and meet you personally to discuss the system options and designs along with answers to any queries.

    Any more questions apart from these?

    Contact our solar team who would be more than happy to talk to you.