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    Solar Panel Installation in Patiala

    solar panels in Patiala

    Solar Panel Installation in Patiala

    Solar Panel Installation in Patiala – Solar panels, on the other hand, help to preserve the environment. They are also successful in decreasing global warming and the use of fossil energy. Solar energy is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly sources of electricity. Solar panel assembly is possible on all types of properties in Patiala, including industrial, commercial, and residential. Punjab’s Patiala is a well-developed city. The advantages of renewable power are well known among city residents. As a result, demand for solar panels is steadily increasing.

    solar panels in Patiala
    Solar panel price in Patiala, Punjab

    In Patiala, Punjab, the cost of solar panels is determined by two factors:

    The type of system is: Off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar systems are the three types of systems available. The cost of solar panels varies depending on the sort of solar system you choose. The lowest of the three is on-grid solar systems, whereas hybrid solar devices are highly pricey.

    System Dimensions: Because broader systems consume more panels, the expense of the instrument rises with its size. The length of your solar system is determined by how much power you require each day.

    The overall solar panel pricing in Patiala will change as per your choices. Here’s a table to show you how the price fluctuates over time.

    System Type Off-grid Solar System On-grid Solar System Hybrid Solar System
    1 K/W Rs.80,999/- Rs.55,999/- Rs.1,00,999/-
    2 K/W Rs.1,60,999/- Rs.1,10,999/- Rs.2,00,999/-
    3 K/W Rs.2,40,999/- Rs.1,65,999/- Rs.3,00,999/-
    5 K/W Rs.4,00,999/- Rs.2,75,999/- Rs.5,00,999 /-
    7.5 K/W Rs.6,00,999/- Rs.4,13,999/- Rs.7,50,999/-
    10 K/W Rs.8,00,999/- Rs.5,50,999/- Rs.10,00,999/-
    15 K/W On Demand Rs.7,50,999/- On Demand
    25 K/W Rs.1,10,999/-
    50 K/W Rs.22,00,999/-
    100 K/W Rs.40,00,999/-

    Most 1st  to 3rd tier and subsequent cities now have solar stores. As a result, any solar store will present you with a quote in a comparable range if you visit them. If there isn’t a solar business or a solar company in your Patiala, Punjab neighborhood, you can create your own.

    Government Benefits on Solar Panel Installation in Patiala

    Only grid-connected residential solar projects in the residential sector are eligible for state financial support or benefits in Patiala. The acronym for CFA is as follows:

    • For output up to 3 kW, 40% of standard value or 40% of bidding rates (whichever is lesser) applies.
    • With the capacity of 3 kWp to 10 kW, 20% of the standard cost or 20% of bidding rates (whichever is lesser)
    • For the GHS/RWA category up to 500 kW, 20% of standard pricing or 20% of bidding rates (whichever is lesser) (limited to 10 kW per house).
    • Depending on the capacity of the system, prices range from 7,299 to 55,999 Dollars.

    Solar panels installation cost in Patiala

    • The panels could cost between Rs 35 and Rs 50 per Watt. A converter, cables, batteries (in off-grid setups), and other elements are involved in a typical PV system. Larger-capacity Solar panels are often more cost-effective per Watt than small segments.
    • Grid-connected PV systems can cost anywhere from Rs 55,999 to Rs 80,999 per kilowatt, depending on the inverter and panel type.
    • Off-grid solar PV installations cost around Rs 80,999 due to the increasing price of batteries.
    • Roof-mounted solar systems cost around Rs 80,999 per kilowatt, including setup and deployment. The cost will increase by Rs 25,000 if you utilize a battery as a backup. However, several perks can help you save money.
    • A subsidy is available from the Department of Sustainable Energy Management to promote users to install choose PV systems. Solar setups in the household, business, and communal buildings may qualify for a benefit of up to 32 percent. Under the Income Tax Ordinance, rooftop solar arrays are also liable for up to 79 percent depreciation.
    • With benefits and accelerated depreciation, a typical solar power system potentially prices as little as Rs 50,000 per kWp. The amount of the rebate and who qualifies for it are set by state laws. As a result, before purchasing solar panels, you should research about them.

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