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    How commerical solar works

    The working of commercial solar is rather easy. Have a look.

    A grid-connected solar power system works both for the commercial sector as well as for the residential sector. The interesting part is that there isn’t any difference as such between the way it is used in both the sectors. You can easily make use of energy when you need it during the day time and the extra power that gets produced would be sent back to the local grid. They would then be giving you credits in return.

    Solar power can be made use of in powering three-phase appliances consisting of three inverters, one connected to each phase, or a three-phase inverter. Solar panels are mounted on the roof of the building or on the ground mount structure.

    Solar Panel Installation Company

    Let us now have a look at the whole process of how sunshine gets converted into clean electricity

    Solar Panels

    Solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which can transform sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity during day time.


    Inverter converts the DC electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.

    Electrical Panel

    Then the AC electricity is sent to the electrical panel to power all lights and appliances with solar energy.

    Net Meter

    This device is used to measure the energy usage. It goes backward when your system produces power more than is required. This excess power is used during night.

    Local Grid

    The local grid provides you credits in return for the excess power you generate during the day. Your business remains connected to the grid.

    Monitoring System

    We have a quality monitoring system in place for keeping a track of your power production and a smooth running of your system. It also makes us aware regarding any repair issues that might arise.