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    Commerical – Success Stories

    Have a look at some of the commercial success stories.

    Resorting to solar power is very fruitful for any company. This is a fact and we, at Urban Solarise, are not saying this for the sole purpose of saying. It’s because others are saying so. Do not believe it? Then have a look at the following:

    I had started this business of textiles three years ago as I was quite keen in that. The business started working quite well. Many employees joined me and I was more than happy as after one year the industry was established. However, energy costs started bothering me. The employees came up with huge electricity bills and this started affecting the production costs. I was worried as to what should be done. Then I heard about Urban Solarise and gave solar power a try. The results were amazing. Those huge electricity bills were seen no more. I will recommend all industrialists to give it a try.

    Navjot Singh


    I never quite believed in solar power as I always doubted its efficiency but as an industrialist, I had to make sure that my production does not suffer because of any energy issue. I researched into the benefits of using solar power and gave urban solarise a try. I was mesmerized. Not only were my electricity bills reduced significantly but also the ROI (return on investment) came out to be quite good. I had not expected. All this is because of Urban Solarise. A big Thank you!!