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    Other ways of saving power

    We will guide you more on other ways to save power.

    Saving the relationship between money and energy

    Energy efficiency is the need of the hour. That is because it promotes less energy usage. This aids in the reduction of electricity bill .That is the reason behind many energy-efficient improvements paying for themselves very quickly.

    Now you might have realised that solar power can lower your power bill. Not only this, you can reduce the power bill further by cutting down on your energy consumption. This will happen because you’ll require fewer solar panels to meet all your energy needs. This implies a small size installation costing less.

    Energy-efficient improvements in your home can significantly raise the return-on-investment (ROI) of your solar installation, when done correctly.

    Given below are some 100% painless, energy efficient strategies

    Usage of CFLs or LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs.

    This is the simplest, quickest and the most inexpensive change that can be made. You can substitute CFLs or LEDs for incandescent bulbs and receive the same amount of light using far less energy.

    These little savings can add up to huge savings. Energy-efficient lights can help in saving 70-75% over the lifetime of each bulb.

    Secure a brighter future!!

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    Create a smart home

    This one is for all those who keep their Air Conditioners running on high all day long to maintain ideal temperature and also in cases of turned on lights. It’s time to make an expensive yet a significant change in your house.

    Smart Control devices are a good way to control running appliances when you are at home and even while you’re away from home. However, it sounds quite insensible to put on AC or any other appliance running while you are away from home. It only wastes your money and power.

    Maintain the temperature of Air Conditioners

    A research says that you use 3–5% more energy for each degree that your air conditioner is set below 24 degrees Celsius(75 degrees Fahrenheit).It is thus advisable to set your Air Conditioners to 25 degrees Celsius(77 degrees Fahrenheit).This would ensure maximum comfort at the least cost.

    Ceiling fans can also be used as a supplement to air conditioner as it would cost much less to operate.

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    Home Solar Company

    Regulate the water temperature.

    You can reduce the average temperature of your hot water heater a couple of degrees to make sure that it doesn’t use extra power to maintain a hotter water temperature.

    That’s quite simple and changing a few degrees won’t count for a significant change. Do not just go by our words. Check it out for yourself.

    Air Conditioners require regular cleaning

    Air Conditioners units, when full of dust, need to put in more efforts and hence utilise extra power in comparison with the ones that are clean. Clean them now.

    A habit of cleaning Air Conditioners units at regular intervals by vacuuming filters and vents can help in building a considerable amount of savings.

    To make sure that your AC runs smoothly and efficiently, get a day scheduled for maintenance with your local technician.

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    Home Solar Company

    Get energy-efficient window treatments fixed

    You can make use of your curtains to save on power. This can be done by keeping your curtains drawn for longer time periods during the day. This simple technique can, as per a research:

    • Pave way for reduction in heat gain by 33% during summers, keeping your place cooler during warm weather.
    • Promote trapping of heat by 10% during winters keeping you warmer during very cold weather.

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