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    Urban Solarise Private Limited is India’s well-recognized solar provider. We are a locally-owned company and are recognized over the entire nation.We tailor solar power systems for all our customers and help them to gain control of their power with a solar system that can provide power at a cost much less than the normally paid electricity cost.

    We take pride in saying that we have a rich experience of solar power installation for a variety of businesses and assisting them with an improvement in their business’s energy efficiency. Commercial solar systems can either be mounted on the roof of the building or integrated into a different application such as parking canopies. This however, depends on the facility space available and the location. We will work with you in close integration and design a solar power system that best suits your interests and needs.

    Before the installation, the team of solar experts will conduct an initial consultation in order to know about your business requirements and goals.

    • Get maximum investment on solar with our custom, quality installation.
    • We will design the system in accordance with your specific needs.
    • As far as guarantees are concerned,we will provide the best along with a lifetime of support.

    There is nothing in comparison with solar power that can help you manage your power bills without worrying about the constant power price hike.

    You just need to fill out the short form below or call our experts today on 783-777-6527. We’ll set up a convenient time for your energy consultation!

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