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    Going Solar

    With urbansolarise,you are sure to avail the best of solar power.

    We make everything easy for you.

    At Urban Solarise, we take care of everything right from the starting of the project, which begins with site’s inspection for installing the solar power panels to after sale customer service. We follow a strategic approach to get everything done within a committed time frame.

    Here’s what you can expect while going solar with us:


    Every solar project (be it a minor or major one) requires a quick round of discussion to see if you actually need it. We’ll provide you a free consultation and educate you about solar energy systems. We work with you to outline your goals and reasons for installing solar energy system. Our solar specialist will ask you few questions and discuss your energy usage needs. To put you on the journey of savings, we make ourselves understand about your utility cost & roof to develop the best solution for your home.

    Residential Solar Installers


    After your initial consultation, our solar specialist will connect with you and provide customized solar options and answer any questions. We will then work with you to propose the best custom plan that fits for your home.


    Once you’ve agreed to move forward, we with our team of trained site assessors will meet you at your home at scheduled time, where we will take a deeper dive & analyze everything in detail. During this activity, we will evaluate your roof and begin taking measurements to create your custom plan.

    Residential Solar Installers

    Design & Approval

    After the assessment, our design engineer will create a unique system design of a solar solution that is built to match your home needs. Once we have engineered an efficient system for your home, we will make sure that we have got the appropriate approval from local grid company to schedule the installation.


    Now your solar system designs are approved and paperwork has been signed by local grid company, our team will get to work on your solar installation. We will work closely with you to reserve a day to get the installation done at your place. Along with this, our professionals will also ensure the smooth & flawless working of solar power panels and keep you updating you periodically on the status of the installation.


    After the installation, we’ll work with local utility inspectors to make sure the system complied with energy standards and is grid-connected. We will let you know when the inspection will take place. The inspection will also help us figure out the quality and performance of our solar panels. Our project lead will coordinate all required inspections & permissions to operate. You don t have to worry about a thing!

    Switch On the Power

    Once inspection is approved, we will provide instructions on activating to start generating solar power at your home. Now your system is live and ready to harness the power of the sun. We will monitor and maintain your solar panels system for you for specified time period.

    Residential Solar Installers
    Residential Solar Installers

    Solar Satisfaction

    We are committed to helping you get the best value out of your solar home. We will monitor and maintain your solar panels system for you for specified time period.

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