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    Why Switch To Solar

    Switching to solar is indeed a great step towards saving environment and the reasons may be attributed to the following.

    Let us have a look at why people are opting for solar?

    Electricity Bill Cost Reduces

    The best part about opting for solar energy is that it brings a huge relief with respect to the electricity bill. Solar power has the potential to significantly reduce or even eliminate the huge electricity bill which is a burden on the finances of any individual.It doesn’t matter whether the solar power system is small or large,the reduction in your electricity bills will soon be visible and you will soon start receiving low electricity bills from the utility company. This also, however, depends on your power usage and the amount of power your new solar power system generates.

    Home Solar Company
    Home Solar Company

    Increase Your Home’s value

    Beyond the savings part of solar power, one additional benefit of solar power is that it can increase the value of your home. This is quite a major benefit as people are always on the lookout for ways to add onto the value of their property. Installing solar power on their rooftops will assist them in doing that. It is estimated that solar power can raise the value of a home by about 3-4%.A research has shown that houses which have solar power installed get sold for more as compared to those which do not have solar power installed.

    Environment Cleanliness

    Environmental depletion is one major problem which the world is experiencing today. Pollution is posing a serious threat to the environment and here solar power can play a major role in tackling with this situation. Solar power uses the energy of the sun, i.e. sunlight as a raw material to generate electricity as compared to the most commonly used source of power, i.e. coal and petroleum. These fossil fuels generate a lot of pollution which is creating a destructive effect on our environment. By opting solar power, you can contribute your bit towards the environment as well as keep yourself healthy.

    Urban Solarise
    Commercial Solar Company

    Uninterrupted Power

    Nothing can be more irritating than those constant power cuts. A major benefit of using solar power is that the supply of power is uninterrupted, i.e. there is no interruption in the supply of power. The supply of electricity is constant and continuous. This is because power is supplied while the sun shines as there is no one who can stop the sun from shining. There is no obstacle in the path of power generation. This is a benefit which people would find very convincing in order to make up their minds to try the concept of solar energy.

    Use energy Guilt Free

    Using fossil fuels as a source of power instills a guilt into us that we are adding onto the electricity bills of our homes. This is because fossil fuels like coal and petroleum add significantly to the cost of production and hence the electricity generated from these is also quite expensive. By resorting to solar power, you will not have to worry about the huge electricity bills due to usage of energy consuming gadgets. You would be able to use energy guilt free and would be able to operate AC or any other item which consumes greater electrical power, easily.

    Urban Solarise

    Low Maintenance

    The good part about resorting to solar power is that requires very little or almost no maintenance. Usually solar panels come with a warranty of 25-30 years and the maximum time that can be devoted to their maintenance is just a few times in a year. This can be attributed to the fact that solar power system does not contain any moving components, unlike a generator, that may rust or break down. Solar panels have no such parts which may get damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Further, they do not produce noise as well in your homes.

    Profit from your Solar Panels

    Installing solar panels can also create profits.Net metering is the best way for that. The excess power generated by Installed Solar Power Systemis sent back to the grid and for that the money is credited against the electricity consumption, either at the retail rate or at wholesale rate, paving way for reduced monthly power bill and generating profits at the end. This is basically an agreement and can help you make money by powering other homes as well. You will get paid for that. In this way, you can enjoy the saving benefit of solar power and get long term profits.

    Commercial Solar Company

    An Unlimited Renewable Energy Source

    Sun is not anything which will get depleted after a certain time.The huge gaseous ball of fire has the potential to provide tremendous energy to sustain the lives of a billion people. The reason for this is that it cannot get exhausted unlike the fossil fuels like coal and petroleum which will get exhausted after a certain period of time. Also, it is a renewable energy resource meaning that it keeps on replenishing naturally at regular time intervals. This renewable energy resource which will never ever finish is the perfect answer to solve all global environmental problems as well.

    Hedge against hike in electrical rates

    We mostly come across people complaining about rise in the prices of electricity.Electricity suppliers are constantly hiking prices of electricity at the rate of 5% or so. This imposes a major burden on the finances of people. The solution to this problem is the use of solar energy. The use of solar energy can act as a major safeguard against all sorts of electricity price rises. There is one time investment in the installation of solar panels and then you will not have to pay for any price hikes as there are no price hikes in case of solar.

    Solar System Installation Company
    Solar System Installation Company

    Reduced peak power demands

    Peak period is the period in which the consumption, hence the demand for electricity is greatest. For example, in summers, the demand for electricity is quite high as high power consuming gadgets like ACs operate. These gadgets operate simultaneously in various houses. The afternoon time is the time when they operate for the maximum time. This puts an enormous load on the power grid which can be reduced by solar energy. Solar energy reduces demand on the grid and thus reduces chances of brownouts and rolling blackouts as soon as temperatures rise. This is the proper time for solar generation.

    Taking Steps Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

    Begin your solar journey today. Call us and begin your savings. Be the reason for establishing a cleaner and greener environment.