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    Solar power is gradually gaining importance as an inexpensive and convenient source of generating solar power among homeowners. Choose the Solar Company in Chandigarh, India & Find out how solar can be an invaluable asset for your home & finances. There is nothing better than that for generating power.

    With solar power, commercial & industrial sectors can realize cost savings on the electricity it uses every day while at the same time demonstrating the kind of social and environmental responsibility. Get the best services by the Solar Company in Mohali. Solar power is indeed an asset for them


    Do you own an agribusiness or a farm? If yes then you can switch to solar power for all your power needs. We, as the Solar Company in Haryana will provide you the best services. Solar for farms is simply one of the safest places to invest because it’s low risk with a high return. This is undeniably the best ever option.

    Intelligent Energy Managers

    Urban Solarise acts as a one stop solar energy shop, where you can consult, plan, design, develop, purchase, and maintain your solar energy solution easily and efficiently, with minimal risk. We as a Solar Installation Company always stand for our work and try to cover almost all the aspects, offering the best services in the industry.

    Energy Audit
    Project Development
    Project Design
    Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
    Testing & Commissioning
    Operations & Maintenance
    Workshops & Training
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    We make it easy

    Going solar can be confusing. We, at Urban Solarise – the Solar Panel Installation Company, will take care of entire solar process i.e.; a one stop destination to your solar power project from start to finish.

    Design & Approval
    Switch on the power
    Solar Satisfaction
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    Why Go Solar

    Whether your reason behind going solar is personal, financial, environmental or political, Solar panels have something to offer for everyone. Here are the 10 most important reasons on why one should go solar:

    Electricity Bill Cost Reduces
    Increase Your Home’s Value
    Environment Cleanliness
    Uninterrupted Power
    Use energy guilt free!
    Low Maintenance
    Profit From Your Solar Panels
    An Unlimited Renewable Energy Source
    Hedge Against Hike In Electrical Rates
    Reduced Peak Power Demands
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    About UrbanSolarise

    To say that we are just a solar power provider would be incomplete. The whole thing about Urban Solarise is that this is a solar power company that came into existence 2 years back in the city of Chandigarh for the betterment of the environment through its simple contribution in the form of solar power. The Solar Panel Installation Company comprises an in-house team of engineering, construction, procurement of solar power for three main categories that include the homeowners, commercial and the agribusiness sectors. Urban Solarise combines the reliability and skill of a national solar company with personalized service. Urban Solarise can help you harness the sun’s full potential for your home, business & farms and are devoted to delivering the most carefree solar experience from end to end: from our first conversation through the entire lifetime of your system.

    Here’s our story. We’ve made great strides in providing solar power in your hands and hope you consider joining our family of proud solar customers.

    Not just before solar but after solar as well – Urban Solarise is your perfect mate for power generation and the best Solar Installation Company in India.