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    Solar Ambassador

    Want To Benefit Your Loved Ones From Solar? Be A Solar Ambassador And Share The Benefits Of Solar Power. Bring Change To The World.

    Disseminate the knowledge and reap a reward

    Want to see a green environment? Wouldn’t you like it if India becomes energy efficient? Urban Solarise has taken up a unique initiative in the form of The Solar Ambassador Referral Program to help Eco-friendly individuals promote clean energy and hence ensure a green environment.

    You can become the voice of Urban Solarise and get a chance to earn money on the purchase of solar power system by people whom you recommend.

    Maximise the benefit of extra sunshine by referring to your friends or relatives


    Recommend your friends

    Guide your family and friends on the numerous benefits of solar power. You can use the form below or email us at We will contact them soon and get started with the process.


    Solar for your friends

    Our expert team will custom design the system of your friends to provide them the maximum benefits.


    You will be paid 1% of solar power system sale

    Once your friend’s solar power system gets installed, you will be paid 1% on that sale. You can refer to as many friends as you desire.

    Be a part of solar revolution and earn money on that.
    You will be benefitting along with benefits two more:

    • Your planet through reduced carbon footprint and
    • Your friends through money saved.

    All our customer referrals are important

    We believe in the “Work is worship” concept and that is why we strive to make our customers happy. The people who have used our services have enjoyed clean and green energy and are the best advocates of solar power. Who else will know about us? All the customers referred to us are very important and we make sure that we meet the expectations of your family and friends.

    We design the solar power system in accordance with the needs and interests of the people concerned. We want you to realize that all those whom you refer will get the same benefits and the level of customer satisfaction as you enjoyed.

    Residential Solar Company
    Home Solar Company

    A business built on customer referrals

    Half of the projects for which we work are referred to us by our customers who have enjoyed great solar results in the past.

    You will soon get to notice the changes in the home solar panels and their way of generating electricity. You can then refer your friends about solar, its benefits and how you can gain on sharing solar through the Solar Ambassador referral program.

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      Solar Ambassadors FAQ’s

      These are those people who guide you on the usage of solar power technology. They give you a thorough explanation on the solar power business.
      The role of solar ambassadors is twofold:
      • To change the lives of people using solar
      • Increasing awareness on solar
      Yes.These include:
      • They have the power to use the title “Urban Solarise Solar Ambassador”
      • They can try their hands on personal “solar” story on website
      • Making the world a better place to live in.