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    500-watt Solar Panel Price in India

    500 watt Solar Panel Price in India

    500-watt Solar Panel Price in India

    Solar panels are the best way to ensure less energy consumption while using sunlight for running your home appliances, hence, saving a lot of money on power generation. A 500-watt solar panel is widely used in areas where power cuts are normal. It helps in making people’s life easy by making use of sunlight to run the electric appliances of home. It is a small power plant with a peak load of up to 650 watts. It is designed to supply power for up to 4-5 hours which is best suitable for the owners of a 1 BHK residential area. Lets discuss the 500-watt solar panel price in India.

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    Urban Solarise has provided an effective solar panel installation solution for household and commercial purposes for a long time. We believe in providing a financially viable choice to our customers instead of just following the trend and offering high energy-consuming appliances. We strive to provide a sustainable, profitable, and implausible energy consumption method that reduces the high costs of energy consumption and saves your money while enjoying the comfort of convenience through our efficient solar energy solutions. We have a team of Solar Company in Haryana with experienced workers who offer reliable and quality service for solar panel installation at your house or commercial place and guide you regarding 500-watt solar panel price in India.


    500-watt solar panel is suitable for 1 BHK homes where the electricity demand is relatively low. It is a small power plant that can supply energy for 4-5 hours. It is a minimum requirement for homeowners having 1 BHK home and hence, suits best for them. Even after being a small power plant, it has more than 97%inverter efficiency and over 16% module efficiency and provides effective usage for small residential areas.


    The components for a 500-watt solar panel include battery-150 Ah (1 no.), Inverter-1100 VA (1no.), and a solar panel-540 Watt (180 Watt*3 nos.). All these components help the 500-watt solar panel function effectively and fulfil the power consumption required for the 1 BHK home.


    Even after being a little solar power, it can easily run two ceiling fans, ten led lights, one television, and one laptop/mobile charger, making it the best choice for 1 BHK homeowners. In addition to this, there are several more benefits of 500-Watt solar panel, these include:

    ●  Low maintenance

    ●  No additional space required

    ●  Low energy consumption

    ●  Cost saver


    The 500-Watt solar panel price in India stands at Rs. 50,000 approx. This price may vary according to the components used:



    Solar 180W-12V Mono Panel (3)

             ₹ 22,500

    150Ah Solar Battery (1)

             ₹ 18,500

    Solar Hybrid Inverter 1100/12V (1)

             ₹ 6,000

    3 panel stand (375 watts)

             ₹ 5,000

    Solar DC Wire, 4 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair

             ₹ 1,700

    3 Panel MC4 Connectors pair, 3 Wire In, 1 Wire Out

             ₹ 1,050


    500-Watt solar panel is the best choice for people living in the region where electricity is available, but power cuts are normal. A must-try for homeowners having 1 BHK house.

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