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    300 Watt Solar Panel

    300w Solar Panel

    300 Watt Solar Panel

    Today, most solar panels installed on homes are all using 300 watts and above wattage solar panel range. It’s essential to know what the choices are and how much energy a 300w solar panel produces. 

    The solar panel of 300 watts is on the brink of the typical wattage of solar panels available today and is suitable for several sorts of solar projects. The most significant advantage of these panels is that they are a one- time investment, and then you can sit back and relax. Solar panels are elementary to install, and with the best Solar Company in Chandigarh technicians, you can get it done quickly. 

    Applications For 300w Solar Panel:

    There are many applications during which a 300 watt solar panel is employed, but the most standard applications are-

    Solar Home Lighting System: 

    Solar home lighting system (SHLS) is the best solar lights for home purpose. These lights harness the sun’s energy to illuminate your home and power your small appliances with benefits that reach both your wallet and the environment. Solar light for the house is not just a ‘brilliant idea, but it’s a ‘responsibility to supply illumination power from the sun’. The solar cells within the system convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This electricity is stored within the solar panel and used for lighting whenever required.

    Off-Grid Solar System: 

    Solar batteries provide a buffer and control flexibility to permit optimum use of the renewable energy source without jeopardizing the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer.

    On-Grid System:

    In this solar system, the solar inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panel into AC electricity, which may then be used directly in reception or business.

    At the time of electricity billing, the govt or power provider company will adjust the exported units in your electricity bill.

    Hybrid System: 

    A hybrid solar energy system may be a combination of a grid system and an off-grid solar system. It’s a battery backup in it to store power, and it also can feed surplus electricity into the grid. It means even during a power cut; your system will work, you continue to have electricity. A hybrid system may be a combination of solar power storage with grid connection. This technique provides the flexibility of storing the facility into batteries that your system generated during the daytime rather than feeding it back to the electricity grid. Equivalent energy is often utilized in the evening or night rather than buying from the govt grid at a better price.

    Types Of The 300-Watt Solar Panel:

    Mono-crystalline, also referred to as a single crystalline silicon panel, is recognizable thanks to its exterior dark black colour. Poly-crystalline is referred to as a multi-crystalline solar panel. In contrast to the mono-crystalline solar panel, molten silicon is poured into a square mold for his or her manufacture.

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    300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India:

    You can refer to this description for the 300w solar panel price in India.

    Rated power300 W
    Open circuit voltage44.5 V
    Max. power voltage35.5 V
    Short circuit current8.65 A
    Max. power current8.22 A
    Module dimension1968 x 987 x 40mm
    Operating temperature-40 C to +85 c
    Module efficiency (%)15.44
    Max. system voltage1000
    Series fuse rating15
    Junction boxIP 65 / IP 67
    Output cables4mm²,min.900mm length
    ConnectorsMC4 Compatible
    Cell layout10 * 6
    FrameAnodized aluminium
    Cell72, 156 x 156mm
    PriceRs. 13,200

    Specification Of The 300-Watt Solar Panel

    The solar panel of 300-watt design manufactures and distributes high-performance solar electric technology worldwide. Our high-efficiency solar cells generate 50% more electricity than conventional solar cells. The 300w panel has high-performance trackers that provide significantly more energy than competing systems. 


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