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    3 kW Solar Panel Price in India

    3 kW solar panel price in India

    3 kW Solar Panel Price in India

    During our school days, we were always been taught that the sun is the ultimate source of life form. Without the sun it is not possible for the human race to survive. It also acts as a renewable source of energy for our planet. We indeed receive only a part of the radiated energy of the sun, this is what we call solar energy. The solar energy that we receive is tremendously huge and we receive it in the form of heat and light. Let us swipe down to know more about 3 kW Solar Panel Price in India.

    3 kW Solar Panel Price in India

    So, in order to minimize the use of non-renewable resources the concept of converting solar energy into electricity is in demand. The 3 kW solar panel price in India is also setting the trend.

    We still have places where people are yet to get access to electricity. Solar Installation Company in India Instead of conventional electric power, solar energy will be beneficial for those places.

    How Does The System work?  

    The working principle of the solar panel is based on two systems, namely photovoltaics or concentrated solar power systems.


    Here the phenomenon of the photovoltaic effect comes to play as the direct conversion of solar energy takes place to electricity. The process by which electricity is directly produced is known as the photoelectric effect. Here the exposed material to light radiates free electrons by absorbing photons.

    PV direct systems

    It is a no storage type of module that generates power only when the sun is bright. The batteries are absent and installation of an inverter is based on the type of load.

    Off-grid systems

    This type of system includes arrays, inverter circuits, and storage batteries. These are functional where the power from the grid is not reliable.

    Grid-connected systems

    This type of system may or may not have access to batteries. The power so obtained can be accessed from the grid.


    In India, the price varies depending on the brand, quality of materials used, and accessibility. The 3kw On-grid solar system will cost nearly Rs.1.5 lakhs, whereas the 3kw Off-grid solar system comes at Rs.2lakhs (approx.) and Rs.2.5 lakhs (approx. ) for 3kw Hybrid solar system. The cost of 3 kW solar panel in India will benefit the human race.

    Installing the 3 kW solar system can save up to Rs.5000/month. An average of five and half years will be enough to recover the investment amount. Most companies offer the entire system in bulk and include system balance, batteries, solar panels, inverter, transportation cost, and installation with a service warranty.


    There are numerous advantages that a solar setup can provide.

    • It Reduces Your Electricity Bill: –

    The endless supply of electricity to your house through the panels will not empty your pocket. The energy that you will generate from the sun is free of cost.

    • Source Of Renewable Energy: –

    When we call renewable, it means endless supply. So using solar energy is a renewable source that can be converted into an electrical form of energy without exploiting it.

    • It Can Increase Your Property Value: –

    Investors will love to have their form of energy rather than depending on commercial supply.

    • Environmental Friendly: –

    One of the most highlighting properties of solar energy is that it does not contribute to greenhouse gasses. It is a zero-emission, clean, and reliable form of energy. So it will not harm our environment while constantly supplying energy.

    • Low Maintenance: –

    As we were living in the direction of digitization and industrialization, the availability of raw materials is way cheaper than in previous days when the concept has been introduced. Companies are now offering long-term warranties which eventually minimizes the maintenance cost. Now property owners can invest in solar panels without worrying about weekly/monthly check-ups.

    • Technology Development: –

    As technology is advancing, so is the future of the solar industry. Sticking to the advancements will not just keep you on the trend but will also update you with the latest happenings.

    • Diverse Application: –

    You can connect several appliances to your solar output source. Your entire utility will depend on the number of appliances you have and their power consumption. The incentives and the rebates so provided by the government will not last forever. So now it is the right time and will be the wise decision to take the advantage of these benefits.

    Based on the increasing demand and lowering of the price, it is the next big thing that we are going to have in the future. Now you have to work smartly and avail the benefits as the future is very bright. Even the space exploring giants ISRO and NASA are working to set solar farms that will produce mass energy for future use. Even the International energy agency has announced that solar power is the cheapest form of electricity that one can avail on this planet.


    3kw solar panel price in India with subsidy varies based on the above-mentioned factors. You will get offers from numerous companies but it is to you which brand you have to choose and go with Solar company Punjab. The judicious use of solar energy will lead to a sustainable future.