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    Powering agriculture through sunlight

    Conventionally the sun has been used by farmers to raise crops and feed their livestock. Now it’s time to utilize the power of the sun to provide energy to power the farming business.

    Today farmers are resorting to solar power to produce energy for their farms. They are making use of the improvements in technology and the availability of government subsidies. In this way, they are minimising their monthly energy costs and increasing the value of their farm.

    Solar Installation Company
    Solar Installation Company

    Saving on money for Farms

    If you want to avail the benefits of subsidies then its time you do it right now. Government is granting subsidies and you can grab them. There will only be an upsurge in electricity prices so it’s time for all the farmers to put their investment in solar power.

    The major advantage of using solar for farms is that it is less risky and gives a high return. All the paperwork is done by our people. You will just reap in the rewards.

    Why Farms Are Switching on to the power of nature

    Not to deny that today farmers are really enjoying the benefits of solar power. We have worked with various farmers and have witnessed their joy of receiving solar power benefits and the savings derived. The following are the ways in which solar power can benefit you more:

    Agriculture Solar Company

    A huge reduction in monthly energy bills:

    We design solar power systems in accordance with your power needs. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) power generated by your system offsets the power which would have been needed to purchase from local Grid. That implies more savings on your money.

    Agriculture Solar Company

    Solar power is a shield against rising power costs:

    Solar power reduces dependence on consistent hike in power prices. It is a very reliable and cost-effective solution.

    Agriculture Solar Company

    Increased value of your property:

    Solar power is a great long-term investment one can make to attain a brighter future. It raises the value and viability of the farm. It provides long-term financial benefits for many years.

    Agriculture Solar Company

    Become energy independent with solar:

    The whole concept of solar is that as long as the sun is shining, the solar panels generate power.This means that solar power is a passive source of power and income.You can save on money by using this sunshine and earn money on the remaining power which is sent to the grid.

    Agriculture Solar Company

    No particular change in your system:

    There are no particular modifications that are required as the grid-connected solar panels integrate into the current electrical system very easily. Panels can be installed anywhere, say on the roof of barns, livestock buildings, or homes. These surfaces will then further be utilized for your benefit.

    Why invest your money with us

    • Solar power systems are designed by In-house engineers. No building is of the same size and shape. All premises and businesses have varied power requirements. We do not believe in developing a size that fits all buildings. Nor do we believe in offering an off the shelf solution. We are focussed on developing the best solution for your building and your power use. We do not believe in selling but in fulfilling your needs.
    • We only use quality components that have a good life span. These are backed by good enough warranties which include up to 25 years for panel performance, 5-10 years for inverters and about 2 years for labour.
    • We are quite passionate about our work and maintain strict quality standards. In order to ensure this, we carry out supervision of the entire process from the beginning till the end.
    • Solar power is not money making for us but a zeal. We believe in it.
    Solar Installation Company

    We will assist you in harnessing the power of sun

    When you work with Urban Solarise, you get to enjoy long-term benefits of solar power. We have an expert team that will help you in finding the perfect solar setup for your farm so that you enjoy energy independence. We try and make sure that everything is made easy for you while we take care of the paperwork. We make sure you also receive subsidies. You will not doubt our work spirit and output. As far as production is concerned, we give you full guarantee that you will reap a high amount of saving s in the long-run.

    A blueprint of how sun will power your farm

    The time frame for a solar power installation in agriculture can vary due to the intensity and scope of the project. You can expect the following things when you work with us:


    The very first step would be the consultation. You will be meeting with our solar advisor by either filling Free Solar Consultation form on our website or by calling on 7837776527. Our solar advisor will guide you on whether solar would be good for you or not. He or she would carry out an assessment that would include calculation of your current energy usage along with an evaluation of the recent energy bills. We will also guide you on the options available to you in form of locations and number of solar panels along with any queries you might have.


    The next step would be going over your quote and scheduling a date for installation. We will do that in convenience with your time and choice. We will take into account the lead time as well for the necessary approvals. After all this is done we will sign the contract agreement and begin with the project


    Next comes the approval part which involves the permits and utility agreements part. Now this is quite a complex process and requires quite a lot of experience and a god amount of knowledge. Our team is expert at that and carries out all the steps very carefully and efficiently. All the necessary approvals are carried out very easily but our team. Even the paperwork involving the right agreements, permits, and rebates for your farm is carried out well. The process, may, however, take 2-5 months.


    This is the final step which can take several days to several weeks. This however, depends on the complexity of the installation. We won’t just finish off with the work but finish it efficiently until you are satisfied with our work.

    Start Energy Independence for Your Farm today. Make Urban Solarise your partner.