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    Solar Panel Installation in Ludhiana

    Solar Panel Installation in Ludhiana

    Solar Panel Installation in Ludhiana

    Solar Panel Installation in Ludhiana– Being the largest and the most populous city of India, it is a major industrial center of north India, referred to as India’s Manchester by BBC. During the peak summer months, the sun’s temperature reaches very high which provides a perfect opportunity for people to install Solar panels on their houses or commercial areas. Our company provides affordable and top-quality solar panel installation in Ludhiana.

    So if you are tired of paying an electricity bill every month then this is a viable and pocket-friendly option for you with very high returns that will last for a lifetime. If you are looking forward to helping the environment along with your profit, then you should consider installing solar panels from Urban Solarise.

    Reasons to Consider Solar panel Installation for Rooftop and Commercial

    Cost-Effective– For Solar Panel installation, you have to invest once and the rest of it is taken care of by our professionals.

    Low-Maintenance– Solar Panels require regular maintenance. It has a list of benefits along with cost-effectiveness, long-term supply of electricity, and environmental friendliness, it requires low maintenance.


    Installing solar panels costs between INR 50,000- 70,000 on average, it may vary with the type and model of the panels.
    Rooftop solar panels, including assembly, cost around Rs 55,000 per kilowatt. If you use a battery as a backup, the cost will rise by Rs 30,000. This will be a one-time investment that will help you to save a lot of money in the future.

    Benefits of going Solar

    There are several benefits to going solar, including social, political, environmental, and financial. Some of these reasons include:

    -Unlimited Renewable Energy Source
    -Environment Cleanliness
    -Low Maintenance
    -Save yourself from the electricity rates hike
    -Profit from your Solar Panels
    -Use Energy without Guilt
    -Reduced Peak Power Demands
    -Reduce Electricity Bill Cost
    -Uninterrupted Power Supply
    -Increase your House’s Value

    Our Services at Urban Solarise Include:

    All-rounder services– We, at Urban Solarise take care of all your installation services from starting of the process till the very end.

    Client Health and Safety– We give the top-most priority to the client’s health and safety and make sure to hire professionals who keep the well-being of their consumers on top of their priorities.

    Consistency and Quality– We ensure the best quality of our solar panels by employing the most trusted and experienced professionals. We remain consistent with all your needs, pre and post-installation.

    No Worries for you– After you have put your trust in our company, you can live worry-free because we at Urban Solarise will take care of all your solar panel installation needs from the start to the end while ensuring the best quality.

    Complete Project Management– Every detail of your Solar Panel Installation in Ludhiana will be managed by our trusted professionals from the starting till the very end.

    All these features make Urban Solarise the best company for your needs. We are always available at your service.

    Other Services we Provide at Urban Solarise:

    -Workshops and Training
    -Testing and Commissioning
    -Operations and Maintenance
    -Energy Audit
    -Project Development
    -Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

    Going Solar is a good business sense because:

    Environment Saver– There is an emerging need for conserving the environment today. You can contribute to it by installing solar panels and helping save the environment.

    Easy to the install-The installation process is very easy and does not consume a lot of time. It is done efficiently by our most experienced professionals.

    Cost-Effective– Solar Panel installation saves you a lot of money by saving you from monthly electricity bills. It can also help you earn profits if used commercially.

    Long-term Supply of Light and Power– After investing once, Solar panels provide you power for a lifetime and supply you a light for a very long period.

    Why Choose Urban Solarise?

    Installing solar panels is a positive step toward saving your money as well as the environment.
    Our company is a one-stop Solar panel installation company where you can consult, design, develop, plan, and maintain your solar energy solution easily and efficiently, without any risk. We aim at providing you with the best installation services at the most affordable rates with compromise on the quality of our services. We make sure to hire the best professionals for the installation and other services. For us, the satisfaction of our consumers is the top-most priority. We aim at achieving your needs at the most affordable prices with the highest possible quality.
    So, make sure to contact us for all your Solar Power Installation needs.

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