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Hybrid Home Solar Solution

Grid tied home solar solution with batteries

Grid Tied Home Solar Solution with Batteries Or Hybrid Solar Solution

These are not as common as grid tied solar power system without batteries. These systems are more expensive than the above mentioned ones and are also difficult to install. Utility companies do not easily install this system.

A grid tied home solar solution that works with batteries makes use of a battery as well as the grid as a backup. The method by which it works is that any excess power generated is stored in the battery and then the remaining power is sent to the grid once the battery gets fully charged.

Sometimes, it might also happen that the power on the grid goes out. In this situation, the solar power system will switch to an off grid mode and the solar power that is being generated by the solar panels is used, along with the power that is stored in the battery as a form of backup. This proves very helpful in case of an emergency.

Pros of Grid Tied Residential Solar Power Systems with Batteries :

  • It is less expensive than completely off grid system.
  • Since both battery and grid are offered as backup, a more genuine power is ensured
  • Home owners can use their own power during a power outage.
  • Solar power financial incentives can be provided

Cons of Grid Tied Residential Solar Power Systems with Batteries:

  • It is not easy to install like a one without a battery.
  • Solar power and battery backups may not prove enough. Grid power may still be required.
  • Some financial incentives may not be applicable.
  • Utility fees may have to be paid for solar power.
  • Difficulty with utilities may be experienced by homeowners during installation.