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    Top Solar Companies In India

    Top Solar Companies In India

    Top Solar Companies in India – The solar power industry is undeniably the leading and fastest-growing sector, in India. Increasing sales across the country and investing heavily in R&D for technological advancements, the top 10 solar companies in India are dominating the market.  India is in a state of frequent power shortage, with a demand-supply gap of 12%, and this gap can get covered with the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy in India.

    Top Solar Companies In India

    Furthermore, the solar power industry in India has immense prospects to grow solar energy in India at a high rate, due to the geographical location of the country in the tropics. More than 5000 trillion kWh, of annual radiation, is received by the country and if potentially tapped by the solar energy companies in India, will generate a substantial amount of energy.

    Solar Power Industry in India

    The solar power industry in India is the fifth largest in the world by installed capacity, according to a recent report from IBEF. Owing to the government’s keen initiatives and incentives to the manufacturers of solar products in India, the solar power industry in India is growing at 25% CAGR. India’s solar power industry is growing rapidly as per the data the total installed capacity of 35.12 GW  has been installed and is expected to hit the 100 GW mark by 2022. The future prospects of solar energy in India will rise to the next level so as the growth of solar companies.

    Types of Solar Products

    Listed below are the types of solar products:

    • SPV Power Plants
    • Solar Water Heater
    • Street Lights
    • Solar Swimming Pool
    • Heat Pumps
    • Solar Water Pumps
    • Air Conditioners
    • Solar RO

    Benefits of Solar Products

    Mentioned are some of the benefits of installing solar products:

    • Impact on the Environment – As compared to any other energy source, the benefits of Solar energy have the least negative impact on the environment. For its maintenance, it also requires very little water.
    • Reduce Your Energy Bill – The solar products run with the help of solar energy, this will immediately translate to savings on your energy bill
    • Solar Energy Is Applicable Everywhere – Solar energy can be deployed anywhere, as long as there is sunshine. Regions with no access to any other source of electricity, for that these solar products, work really well.
    • During Long-Distance Transport, Less Electricity Lost – Having solar panels significantly reduces this distance, therefore increasing the efficiency of the solar panels.
    • Improves Grid Security – If there are many power plants that are spread out, the grid is less vulnerable to blackouts. widely spread out, a grid with high penetration of solar energy has thousands of energy production centers.

    Top Solar Companies in India 2022 | Top 10 Best Solar Companies in India 

    Explore the below-mentioned list of solar companies in India-

    Urban Solarise Private Limited

    Urban Solarise Pvt Ltd is the leading one-stop solar energy shop, where you can consult, plan, design, develop, purchase, and maintain your solar energy solution easily and efficiently, with minimal risk. Offering the best services in the industry, we as a Solar Installation Company(EPC) always stand above and cover almost all possible aspects.

    Top Solar Companies In India

    Contact Details

    Name – Urban Solarise Private Limited

    Address – Plot No 1669, Chandi Path, Phase 10, Sector 64, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab.Pin 160062

    Phone number – +91-7837776527

    E-mail –

    HHV Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    HHV Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers you high-technologically solar photovoltaic (SPV) modules in India. With the capability to meet the demands of the commercial and industrial segments, this is one of the best manufacturers.

    Address:  Dabaspet, Nelamangala Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562111

    XL Energy limited

    Because of the superior services they provided, Pvt. Ltd in the year 1990. When it comes to solar products, this is one of India’s leading manufacturers. Helps to make quality products easily, and the company possesses a rich experience.

    Address: TSL Corner, Mayur Vihar Ph-III, Delhi – 110096

    Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd.

    Established in the year 1983, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd. is a famous solar company in the capital city of the country. Deals in making quality solar products, Moser Baer India Ltd (MBIL) is one of India’s leading technology companies.  at current efficiency, levels are of 250MW split technology, they have the total capacity.

    Address: Phase – 3, New Delhi – 110020, India.

    ICOMM Tele Limited

    With effective and authentic solar products, this is one of the best companies. The company offers a variety of  Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Products, including Indoor Lighting solutions, Outdoor Lighting Solutions, Rural Solutions, Energy Saving & Backup solutions, Portable Lighting Solutions, and Energy Saving Security solutions.

    Address: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073

    Central Electronics Ltd.

    Based in India and established in June 1974, Central Electronics Limited is an engineering company. The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research is a Technology and Production Enterprise.

    Address: Industrial Area, Sahibabad – 201 010 (U.P.) India

    NEPC India Ltd

    NEPC India Ltd is well known in Wind Energy in India since 1989.  Across different parts of India, the company also engaged in the manufacturing of Roof Top Solar Market.  Ranging from 1 KW to 1 MW, they also provide the standard format of the grid and non-grid systems.

    Address: 1688 East Gaoke Road, Shanghai, China

    Kotak Urja

    Use solar energy to the fullest, Kotak makes the best solar products. Their products have contributed a lot to the environment.  Help to convert solar radiation for practical ends, KOTAK Solar energy technologies. Their main products are solar thermal and SVP.

    Address:  Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005


    The aforementioned, are the top 10 solar companies that offer astounding services for solar product installations. You will get to explore the massive range of products at these amazing top solar companies. Check out the details above and go for the leading solar company to avail of the best services.


    Q1:) To install Solar Products how much time is required?

    Ans 1.) With minimum disruption, most domestic Solar Products installations take no more than a day. Before the Solar PV installation team arrives, the scaffolding will be erected. By carrying out the internal wiring, we will then mount the panels on the roof and install the inverter.

    Q2:) Do Solar Products need cleaning?

    Ans 2.) If positioned at an angle of over 15 degrees, Solar products are generally self-cleaning. Inspect the solar products on alternative days to ensure timely cleaning.

    Q3:) What sort of service and maintenance do Solar Products require?

    Ans 3.) Your Solar Products are checked and serviced every 2 years.  To provide ease and comfort, we offer a standard service and maintenance package.

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