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Solar Lease

Solar lease is another great option. You would get maintenance facility and be
able to save 10-30% on your utility rate.

Reducing power bill

Leasing solar can lead to immediate savings. There would be zero up-front costs and monthly payments would come out to be 25%-35% lower than your current average power bill, assuming that 100%energy is offset.

Immediate savings. Zero upfront costs.

A solar lease helps you in paying a fixed monthly amount based on an idea of the power you generate. We take care of everything, right from the system design to the permit and paperwork. Also, the 20 year warranty period provided by us makes sure that you save the most. You would not have to pay any-thing upfront.

100% production

At Urban Solarise, you would not have to worry about overpaying for power. It is our guarantee that if your solar power system fails to generate the desired amount of power as estimated then we will compensate you by paying you for the bill.

Why lease solar?

  • Ownership of solar
  • Claim of rebates and incentives
  • Very less upfront out-of-pocket expenses
  • No prepayment penalty on some loans
  • Transfer of loans

Leasing or Buying? Which one is better?

When buying a home solar system, you have three options available: you can lease the system with a monthly payment option, you can take a loan or you can pay cash and purchase the system. Every option has its own set of pros and cons. The choice is yours and at Urban Solarise, we believe in making the best choice for you, keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

Save 10-30% on your utility rate by going solar