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Solar Air Conditioner Price with Complete Detail

Solar Air Conditioner Price

Solar Air Conditioner Price with Complete Detail

Solar air conditioning is also known as solar AC, solar-powered AC, or hybrid solar air conditioning. It’s specially designed with five stars rated intelligent air conditioning to be run on solar arrays at a very economical price in India. This AC works like conventional air conditioning, but this is often powered by solar on priority. Here Urban Solarise has discussed the features, benefits and the Solar AC price in India.

Features & Benefits of AC

Solar-powered AC may be a very effective solution for those locations where the climate is hot & humid. And where grid-based electricity is scarce or unavailable thanks to frequent power cuts. Meanwhile, solar air conditioning is meant to deal with these evident problems. The solar AC Price in India is lesser in comparison to other countries.

Hybrid air conditioning runs on different energy sources. For instance, when it’s performing on solar energy, it saves grid electricity and reduces electricity expenses for customers. This is highly environmentally friendly, and it reduces grid power consumption up to 100% because the grid power is generated by fuel. Urban Solarise has been personally getting a huge demand for solar AC for a very long time. We have been working with solar ACs and have a good experience of it.

Working of Solar AC:

According to the primary system, we know that hybrid systems combine photovoltaic technology (PV) with direct current (DC). It automatically changes in between solar and battery power as needed and demanded. When it’s set to hybrid mode, these systems charge their batteries when the sun is shining; when it isn’t, the system works on battery backup while charging its batteries through alternating current (Air Conditioning) power.

1. In Sunny Days:

When the sky is obvious and therefore the day is sunny, solar air conditioning works using solar power-assisted by a utility grid. Solar energy directly flows into the DC inverter compressor. Solar air conditioning drives 95% of the electricity of your consumption now from the system. According to The solar air conditioner Price in India, the features provided are excellent.

2. In Cloudy Days:

When the sky isn’t clear, and it’s cloudy outside, then air conditioning is powered by both utility grid and solar power. Solar energy directly flows into the DC compressor. On cloudy days, solar air conditioning pulls 75% of your electricity consumption from the solar array.

3. In Nights:

At night, solar hybrid air conditioning is powered by the primary utility grid alone. The system doesn’t generate the facility during the nights.

Standard Features

Solar air conditioning has all the quality features of standard ac like auto start, turbo cool mode, dry mode, sleep mode, on & off timer, auto clean, speed setting, louvre step adjust, night glow button on the remote.

1. Quality Standard of Solar AC

The quality of the hybrid solar air conditioning has passed all the government tests and is authorized with the required standard solar certifications. During development, we’ve focused on developing a system that saves energy and low on carbon emission.

2. Best Quality Compressor

The air conditioning compressor uses most of the electricity. This is often why solar air conditioning works on new high-efficiency DC MPPT drives and Mitsubishi compressors which provide the specified improvements inefficiencies for both cooling and heating operations.

3. Best in Quality

With the assistance of our team’s commitment and dedication, we make sure that system performance and quality are excellent. Each air conditioning power by solar is tested for the thermal efficiency of the collector and the complete system alongside performance, usability, safety, reliability, carbon emission, economy, rainwater tightness, hail resistance, and structural loads.

4. Battery Backup

When the sun isn’t available, and grid electricity is additionally not available. During this case, you’ve got an option of battery backup. Solar ACs are often run on solar arrays for up to 4 hours.

Solar AC Price:

According to the commendable features, our solar AC is nothing more than a one-time investment towards a better life. Call Urban Solarise – the best Solar Company in Mohali to get the most affordable price in India.

Solar Air Conditioner FAQs

1. Can we run solar air conditioning without an electricity grid?

Yes, it is often used as a stand-alone unit without electricity. Similarly, this AC will be powered by a solar array on priority, and balanced electricity will be stored in a solar array given the system. So, your AC will be running when the sun (solar power) and electricity both aren’t available.

2. Can I add solar to my existing AC?

Yes, people always ask us, “we have already got air conditioners installed at our home. Can we run these AC’s on solar and reduce electricity bills.” you’ll add even other appliances too. The Solar Company in Haryana recommends you put in the on-grid system, off-grid system, or hybrid system.

3. Is 1 ton AC is sufficient for a 12 * 15 feet room?

You should buy 1.5-ton AC. 1 ton isn’t sufficient for decent reasons in significant cities like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, MP, etc.

4. Why should I buy a solar ac rather than any standard ac?

Solar air conditioning may be the best choice to scale back your electricity bills. It utilizes solar energy rather than grid electricity to cool the world. So if you’re thinking of putting in an AC, you want to choose a solar AC.

5. How much power is required to run a 1-ton ac?

To run 1-ton air conditioner, 1500 watt (230 Volt) power is required.