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    Vatika Greens, is a community spread over nearly 3,000 acres. It comprises 6,703 single-family homes and 80 condominiums. All retired people stay in this community. All luxury facilities are available on this property which includes sports complexes, restaurants and bars, pools, wellness day spa, picnic areas, walking/hiking trails, and many more.

    Our company was given the responsibility of designing and installing 2,898 solar panels and an electric car on that area. With the installation of solar power now, Vatika Greens will be able to save approximately Rs 95.50 M for the next twenty-five years. Also, this community would help the environment through a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 6,945 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) during the same time period. This amount is almost the same as the CO2 emissions generated by a mid-size car riding a distance of 20320984 kilometres.

    Project Specifications

    System Type
    Sun Power
    System Size
    Annual Savings
    Rs 380,000
    25 Year Savings
    Rs 95.50 M