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Off grid home solar solution

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Off Grid Home Solar Solution

Off grid home solar solutions are the ones which are seen quite rarely. They are only seen in deep rural areas or remote areas where it becomes difficult for utility companies to provide services. Using off grid home solar solution, you are dependent on no one with respect to your solar power generation. You can meet 100% of your energy needs with the battery system. All you have to do is plan your power usage carefully.

A special feature of an off grid system is that it generates as well as stores its own energy. However, you need to be careful with regard to your power con-sumption. You need to make sure that you plan and monitor your power usage and make sure that the power generation does not fall short of your require-ments.

There are no issues of emergencies and blackouts in an off grid system as it does not encounter grid power outages. On the other hand, off grid systems cannot rely on grid as a backup in case solar power generated is inadequate to meet the needs of the homeowners.

You will very rarely see an off grid solar power system in a metropolitan area or a suburban area. It is only found in a remote rural area. This is due to the reason that it costs a lot to get power brought in by the utility service.

Off grid solar power system homeowners cannot avail the benefits of financial incentives available to solar power.Net metering and some rebates, tax credits along with some other incentives will not be available to them. You will need to have a grid tied solar power system in order to benefit from the financial incentives.

Pros of Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems:

  • You can generate your own energy.
  • Power outages will not be a concern.
  • You can meet all your energy requirements if you plan carefully.
  • The cost of paying utilities can be avoided by remote homes.

Cons of Off Grid Residential Solar Power Systems:

  • These are more expensive than grid tied solar power systems.
  • Installation process is quite difficult as compared to grid systems.
  • There is only battery as a backup and no grid to assist in case power goes out.
  • Homeowners using this solar power system are not eligible for some solar power financial incentives.
  • They do not operate in metropolitan or suburban areas.