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Solar for your Home

  • Save on your money by eliminating or reducing your electricity bill by up to or more than 80%
  • Generate your own clean electricity
  • A source of investment into your home,not in local grid.
  • Fixing electricity cost for the next 25-30 years
  • A 20-25 year warranty period on solar panels and a 30 yeardesign-life
  • Complete safeguard against future utility rate increases
  • Put the extra energy into the local utility gridnet metering.
  • Use solar power the same way you use electricity

How much will I save by going solar?

  • There artte no hassles in installing solar panels.
  • Not only is solar power good for mother earth but good for your pocket too. You will not have to depend on the conventional sources of energy and you can save on your electricity bill.
  • The system designed by us helps to reduce pressure on roof and increases lifespan.
  • By going solar,you are welcoming huge saving into your house through the cut down on electricity bills,which you can invest in numerous areas like a vacation or some important payments.In fact,there are numerous possibilities.
  • The ultimate goal is the reduction in energy consumption creating the way for savings in the long run.Solar production may depend on the size of the installed system,the time of the year,the place you reside and the situation of the weather. Get in touch with us and have a look at how much you can save by going solar.
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You can afford to own solar panels

Own Your Solar with Urban Solarise

When making a Solar decision, it’s important to understand the ways in which you can go solar.The wise decision would be to go for your own solar panelas this would enable you to possess control over the entire solar system and reap in all the benefits.In this way,you would be able to see a reduction in your bill.

Solar Panels perform the following:

  • Use the sun’s energy to power your entire home
  • Cut your utility bill by up to 80% or more in the first month
  • Last for 20 years or more, and pay for themselves in5 years!

How much does a solar system cost?

All homes are different, so the costs will be unique for each of them.The initial cost of going solar is the installation cost and the cost of the appliances like inverters, racking and panels. We understand your requirements and also the fact that each of you has different needs that is why we are there to offer you a variety of financing options to help you work out the best decision.

Apart from savings on your electricity bill, you will get to receive rebates as well as incentives. In addition,solar system can even raise the value of your property. The system will create long-term benefits for you. Rest assured, your system will more than pay for itself in the long run.

What Makes Us

We are Local
We are Local
We area Trusted & Experienced
We area Trusted & Experienced
We understand you
We understand you

What Makes Us

We follow Customized approach
We follow Customized approach
We are one stop Destination
We are one stop Destination
We have High quality systems
We have High quality systems

We Make It Easy

Have a look at how easily we install solar power in three simple steps:

Collect the knowledge

Collect the knowledge. The energy consultants working with us come to your place and answer all your queries. They analyze your energy needs and guide you on your path to going solar along with the benefits you will avail as you help the environment

Choose the best

After we have updated you with all the necessary knowledge of solar power, we will design a custom system for you depending on your budget as well as roof space, pitch, azimuth and power bill.You will get to choose from a variety of installation options. We take pride in communication with the customers, attention to each detail and professional maintenance of a workable site.

let’s start saving

Once we are done with the installation process, it’s time to get started on your journey to savings.The power production will start right from day one.The entire paperwork which consists of submitting for local permits, tax credit dealing,applying for rebated in situations where applicable, scheduling the date of inspection and applying for net metering installation with the local grid, is taken care of by us.We offer complete warranty which comprises support warranty, 25 year manufacturer panel warranty and inverter warranty as well.We are the fastest in the solar industry in terms of starting your solar power operation.